My balance is off.


Paper & Clay Ceramics - Memphis, TN | Lingered Upon

and I ran back to that hollow again
the moon was just a sliver back then
and I ached for my heart like some tin man
when it came oh it beat and it boiled and it rang..its ringing

If Beantown is going to continuously call my name throughout my life, I better just listen at this point.

I’ve never felt more alone then when I put a little hope in you. It’s time for me to move on from this place. I came back, I saw, and I conquered what I was meant to learn here. It also pulled me back in a way that I knew it would and was terrified of when I left New England, but not too much. I’m a lot stronger now. But I must seek out my new niche and lesson. I’ll never be sad enough to be idle again. I’m not stuck here anymore, only my fear holds me. And I’m not even all that fearful, there’s just a lot to consider.

You say pretty words and expect girls to sway in your absence. I’m not one to sway.

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Dopamine / Serotonin Necklaces

There are technically only two things in life that we humans enjoy: dopamine and serotonin. Both of these elements are chemicals released in our brains that determine our moods. These molecule diagrams are crafted out of fine sterling silver so that you can wear your scientific happiness around your neck with style. Sold on Etsy.

Whiskey whiskey whiskey.

Solitude doesn’t suit me.

I’m trying to remember what the purpose of anything I’m doing is. I thought I had this whole thing figured out, like someone looked upon my life with yearning and wished to be synchronized to it. But I don’t even want to be attached to it or it’s meaning right now, so how could anyone else? I’m blankly staring at an open space of wanting nothing and craving everything that I now know I can’t really ever have.